Automotive Works in pastel

Despite not having attended kindergarten,

Dan managed to graduate high school with the top honours in auto shop!

my favourite truck in a wood

Her name is Lucille

across the street this 52 Chev sits

the old Rav in our backyard winter wood etc

September 26 from the studio

International in a wood

Working from home in the storm the old Rav

January 15 working from the studio

Still Working 2020

back in an Errington wood with an old model of mine 'Still Working' nice to be back there after this lock down a '49 Ford that delivers our firewood 18 x 24" pastel from life

The Dart leaves

the old Dart(also old Suzuki motorcycle) have left the energy for projects outside of painting is flagging one last portrait 18 x 24" pastels from life

The International again

Dec 5, back in the woods with the 1949 International

a cool day in an Errington wood

18 x 24" pastel from life canson

Ford in a Wood

Nov 2 had a call to stand in for a demo artist at the FCA Fine art show in Nanaimo

went into a local truck yard in the morn started a pastel using hard pastels

then to the event where I used soft pastel to bring the piece closer to completion

told stories etc the attendees seemed to enjoy it.

'A Ford in a Wood' 18 x 24" pastel from life canson

Flat Black

August 3rd 'Flat Black'

after painting set-up at Erringtons Farmers Market in the morning

over to Coombs for Blast from the Past this 1930 Model A was parked in the right spot.

Hot day at the Fairgrounds 18 x 24" pastel from life, vintage canson

Three girls on Parksville Beach

August 4th on Parksville Beach an annual car show,

windy and warm, these 3 are close in age, Model A, Model T and a Auburn, 18 x 24" pastel from life,

I see a lot of friends at these shows

Rocket 88

a legendary vehicle a Rocket 88 in a wood in Errington '52 or so, a start to a hot rod weekend, pastel from life, 18 x 24" vintage canson

Chev in the Wood

March 25, 1950 Chev truck in an Errington Wood, this truck is about to get some kind of restoration, 24 x 18" pastel from life

White in Winter

Jan 30 in an Errington wood, a favourite subject...foggy here in the morn so down to the shore for the fog but the fog had lifted so back to Errington for my backup, the fog did lift here also, 'White in Winter' 24 x 18 " pastel on vintage canson then back to the woodpile getting ready for(next) winter

Slammed Bus

Dec 12 in the woods, working through rain showers but the downpour showed up 18 x 24" pastel from life on vintage canson, my paper is older than the bus

the Love Machine

Nov 4 a call from a neighbour about this Van in Deep Errington who thought I might like the subject, when it first arrived in the late 70's it was called "the Love Machine" it is resting in a cedar grove 1978 Ford 24 x 18" pastel from life

Open studio 18

this years model a 1966 Firetruck from across the road 24 x 18" pastel from life

4x4 International

a 1956 International 4x4 in our woodmans lot, it was found on Hornby Island years ago, pastel from life(in 2 sittings) 24 x 18"

Mopars at Coombs

May 27 the 2nd Mopar show at Coombs, I was painting next to an old model of (the Old Errington Fire Truck) 18 x 24" pastel from life


May 20 the first Heritage Day Car Show in Nanaimo

1957 Porsche Speedster 356A, 18 x 24" pastel from life 18 x 24" pastel from life


Solstice and the Bear

Winter Solstice went to a forest where I am Artist in Residence, revisited one of my favourite fords,

and found that Brother or Sister Bear had just been by (not hibernating yet) compared my tracks and fresh scat,

'solstice with the bear' 18 x 24" pastel from life $1750.

33 Chryser 2

Aug 6th Car Show on Parksville Beach and another 33 Chrysler, smoky and cool in the morning, 18 x 24" pastel from life

33 Chryser Coombs

Aug 5 'Blast from the Past' Coombs Fairground smoky morning with this 33 Chrysler four door, 24 x 18" pastel from life,

painted two more pastels this day, the last one a sketch of a truck for a Rodders '83rd Birthday

Canada Day Indian

Canada Day, Sandra Volunteered at the Errington Market, I drove up to Bowser Legion for a car show,

upon arrival at the show I find this 1947 Indian Chief (the same year as me) I looked around at the cars but was called back to the bike.

My Dad a Canadian Navy man in WW2 was an Indian rider and I was named after his best friend another Indian rider so to paint this seemed right.

While painting the local Piper band set up right next to my easel to play and my Dad was a piper! 'the Spirit of Terry Gray' pastel from life 18 x 24"

Ponderosa Logging

June 13, Ponderosa Logging Fargo, in the woods, late 30's? worked until the rain, hoping for a hot rod or two this weekend, 18 x 24" pastel from life

International in the wood

June 9, a Saskatchewan International in an Errington wood, a newish arrival 18 x 24" pastel from life more practice for the Fathers Day Hot Rod weekend

Mopars at Coombs

mopar car show at Coombs, May 28th in the sun, practice for the Father Day weekend Hot Rod shows, 18 x 24" pastel from life

Art Car

1959 180 Merc, sitting in the snow which is fast leaving, the car has been painted by the owner Horst Loewel with his surreal scenes but has been sitting here in the broom for awhile and fading. I have painted others from his collection, these were the taxi's of the day.....the car is signed 18 x 24", pastel from life


Steelhead Stagecraft

December 12 on our way for seafood Sandra Spotted this parked in the transit lot at the French Creek Marina, a 30's Chevorlet which has lived on Lasquiti Island for awhile

Winter Trucks

Dec 8, back in the woods with snow, Errington, 24 x 18"

36 Ford

November 10th, working in an Errington wood along a Errington trail

some of my models are scattered in the background, 18 x 24" pastel from life $1750. unframed

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