2010 Figures

2010 figures from life in 2010

Starting the project at the Olympics

May Day at the Errrington Market...the first model is the Queen of May (whom I have drawn before),

the first model on 2nd row was due this day!...then the May Pole started


to 846

made the May 4th PQBNews

A Venetion Carnival in an Errington Wood

1223 to June 12th

I can be seen working in the background

Grand Prix d' Art 2010

DF Gray

July 28th, an award this year for '70 More' a continuation of the figure project at this years event(the 17th)

Originals Only, Courtenay Aug 7 and 8

Sandra is 2010!!August 8

I ended up painting about 2500 figures from life by years end. Thanks to all you attractive models!

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