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Our Pacific Herring Spawn Event...and Pacific Black Brant Migration 2017

Little Qualicum Brant

DF Gray

March 20, Brant Geese at the Little Qualicum estuary, sun, Brant, Harliquins, Scoters and gulls 18 x 24" pastel from life

Little Qualicum Estuary

DF Gray

March 16, started the pastel in a light rain which stopped, finished in a downpour. Herring roe all along the beach, 800 or so Pacific Black Brant carring on a great conversation out on the tide flats with groups of gulls. 18 x 24" pastel from life

Columbia Beach eggs

DF Gray

March 14, herring eggs litter our beaches, the easel and backpack brought some home. Brant were flying about "fly like smoke". Had to go back out after the interview and morning count, 18 x 24" pastel from life

DF Gray

March 14th Check 6 news piece with Sandra and sundry others working on the Brant count:

Check 6 news here

Nuttal Spawn

DF Gray

Second one from another bay in Nanoose, the boats were working, the Sea Lions were lollygagging about the gulls were everywhere, the spawn was full of Herring which would come right to the beach, the beater boats came to the shore to set their nets, one fisherman yells at me"am I in your painting" pastel from life 18 x 24", I should have gone up the beach as I have a large pastel in one of the mansions on the bay and might have been able to see it from the beach

Mistaken from Sea Dog Spawn

DF Gray

March 8, herring spawn from Sea Dog with Mistaken in the background, the first from yesterday, Sealions Steller and California, Harbour Seals, Otters, Eagles and big numbers of gulls, cold wind but there was some shelter 18 x 24" pastel from life

San Pareil Spawn 17

DF Gray

18 x 24" pastel from life $1750. unframed

March 6, 2 hours at the mouth of the Englishman River. Small herring spawns were happening right off the mouth of the river, many many birds, gillnetters & seiners going both directions on the SOG. Far too many gulls in all directions...overhead, way out on the SOG, like snowbanks along the shore, small frenzies out on the water.  Counting scoters (mostly Surf) was difficult ... large thick gregarious rafts of scoters, up and down constantly, diving and singing and posturing. 100s of LT Ducks & goldeneye, other divers too but not as numerous right now ... tomorrow and the next week or two will bring in more birds. Earlier in the day we went from Seacrest to French Creek marina, then Doehle Rd stairs .... small spawns, waters mixed now, lots of birds everywhere. I have spoken with many over the last few days ... the herring spawn has been observed from NW Bay (this AM), PV Bay since Saturday, French Creek marina was spectacular on Saturday & still many nets were set here and there today & people with fishing poles too. Small spawns reported off Columbia/Eaglecrest Beach, QB near the LQ River, Qualicum Bay.

DF Gray

French Creek Spawn

DF Gray

Pacific Herring spawn at French Creek March 4....a frenzy, every body gets some, pastel from life 18 x 24" very windy but no choice but to paint a scene like this, $1750. unframed

More Brant at Brant Point

DF Gray

March 1st, Pacific Black Brant at Rathtrevor Park 540+ Brant, lots of Scoters, Scaup and others, quietly working, the Brant come quite close, very enjoyable until someone comes by with a dog which drives my subject away from their feed, they are fueling up to fly from here to the Arctic (non-stop). Humans can't leave them alone. pastel from life 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

2 Brant at Brant Point

DF Gray

January 20 , two Pacific Black Brant at Brant Point, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

images from the 2016 spawn

DF Gray


2016 An article from Outdoor Painter regarding painting the Brant Goose when they stop over on their way to the Arctic:

Outdoor Painter here

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